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Home Cleaning Packages

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Service Includes:

    • Cleaning of floor area by Disc machine
    • Removal of cobwebs.
    • Cleaning of Fans, tubes, switchboard, bulbs, door handles, Sledges & Skirting.
    • Wipe and disinfect appliances externally.
    • Cleaning of windows, Slots, Grills, glass panels with High Suction Machines.
    • Cleaning of accessible surfaces with the correct biodegradable chemicals.
    • Cleaning and disinfection of washrooms.
    • Vacuuming of sofa, chairs & mattresses.
    • Cleaning of balcony area.
    • Cleaning of hard water (Yellow/ White) stains.
    • Cleaning & polishing of the RUSTY Taps.
    • Cleaning of oil stains in kitchen, trolleys & on chimney externally with eco-friendly material.
  • Service Time: 8-10 Hours (depending on BHK)
  • No. of Servicemen: 3-6 (depending on BHK)
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  • Express Cleaning
  • Service Includes:

    • Cleaning of floor area manually
    • Removal of cobwebs
    • Cleaning of Fans, tubes, bulbs, doors & Skirting
    • Cleaning of windows Glasses
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of washrooms
    • Cleaning of balcony area by Mop
    • Cleaning of Kitchen Externally
    • Dusting of Gadgets

  • Service Time: 3-4 Hours (depending on BHK)
  • No. of Servicemen: 2-6 (depending on BHK)
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Note :

  • Customer need to provide Ladder/ Stool, Water and electricity.
  • Wall cleaning is not included.
  • Customer need to empty the shelves of Kitchen prior to start of work & arrange the material in shelves post cleaning.
  • Hard Water Stains require Periodic cleaning.

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