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Litmaid is one of the largest and the best home cleaning service provider in Wakad and Pimple Saudagar, Pune. We are a one stop solution for all your cleaning needs and offer a variety of services including deep cleaning. Apart from the daily cleaning and dusting, every home needs a deep cleaning on a regular basis.
It is said cleanliness is next to godliness. Having a clean home is very important as it affects our mindset. Disposing of harmful bacteria, germs, and mould is essential for the wellbeing and prosperity of you and your family. But the very thought of cleaning every nook and corner of the house is exhausting as one has many other commitments and responsibilities to fulfill. This is the time when home cleaning service done by Litmid in Pune in Wakad and Pimple Saudagar comes to play. By outsourcing your home cleaning requirements, you can spare yourself a lot of time and effort while having a clear and hygienic living arrangement.

Benefits Of Hiring Home Clean Services-
There is a list of different parts of the business or residential area that are for the most part missed during a standard clean up. Far beyond this, a regular clean up might in any case permit germs, clean, and other potentially harmful particulates floating around. At Litmaid we provide the best home cleaning services in Pune in the area Wakad and Pimple Saudagar. By getting someone to do your home cleaning you can utilize your free time to spend with your family or pursue your interests and hobbies.
Also, if you are going around with a heavy duty and are unable to devote enough time to clean your home than no need to worry anymore as we at Litmaid brings you the home cleaning services so your home can be germ free.

Home Cleaning Service Provider in Pune

Rate Card:

Deep Flat Cleaning service
Rs 4-8 per sqf
Rs 1800 per kitchen
Rs 700 per toilet
Rs 900 per attached toilet

How LitMaid One Time Cleaning Service Works?

  1. You need to submit your requirement.
  2. LitMaid executive will call immediately to know more about requirement, so that we will quote you in a best way.
  3. Upon approval of the quotation from you, LitMaid's two person team will reach your house on allocated time with cleaning Kit.
  4. You need to hand over committed charges to our Team at the end of cleaning.


  1. Trained Cleaning Professionals
  2. Twenty Steps Cleaning Strategy
  3. Deep Cleaning Includes Fan, Lighting Fixtures, Windows, Window Cartons, Toilet, Washroom etc.

Here You Go For LitMaid On Demand Service...

Note: Client should arrange water and electricity.

Home Cleaning Services In Pune
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